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    Adrián Pinto Tomás

    Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica

    Adrián Pinto Tomás obtained his bachelor’s degree and professional doctorate in microbiology and clinical chemistry and his academic master’s degree in microbiology, parasitology and clinical chemistry from the University of Costa Rica. He received his doctoral degree in environmental microbiology with minor in Plant Pathology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States. He is a professor at the Department of Biochemistry, Medical School, at the University of Costa Rica and principal investigator at the Grupo de Investigación en Simbiosis Hospedero-Microorganismo, Centro de Investigación en Estructuras Microscópicas (CIEMIC), University of Costa Rica.

    He is the director of several research projects, among which the study of the populations of actinobacteria associated to different stages in the development of some species of Costa Rican butterflies, stands out. He also leads ecological research with a population of Costa Rican frogs, survivors of the population decline aiming at developing useful strategies in the conservation of these amphibians.