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    Adriana Lopes dos Santos

    Nanyang Technological University, Singapur

    La Dra. Lopes dos Santos is a marine microbial ecologist interested in understanding the structure of marine eukaryotic phytoplankton communities and how environmental factors shape their diversity. She received her bachelor’s degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She enrolled in the Master program and later obtained a PhD in Environmental Microbiology. After her PhD she started as a junior postdoctoral research fellow at the Oceanographic Institute at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. During this time, she participated in two international marine microbial ecology courses (ECODIM – Chile and CMORE – Hawaii). By 2012 she moved to France, where she worked for 5 years at the Station Biologique in Roscoff, focusing on oceanic microalgae, connecting large scale molecular biology data sets from the marine environment with classical methods such as isolation and cultivation of marine phytoplankton. She left Roscoff in late 2017, to take her new position at the Nanyang Technological University where she is currently working and pursuing new wonders of the phytoplankton world.