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    Anna Kaksonen

    CSIRO, Australia


    Anna Kaksonen obtained her MSc Degree in Environmental Science and Policy at University of Helsinki, Finland and MSc Engineering Degree in Environmental Science and Doctor of Technology in Environmental Biotechnology Degree at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. She leads the Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology Group in the Contaminants and Biotechnology Program in Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Land and Water. With her group she develops biotechnological processes for environmental and industrial applications in the mining, energy, waste, water supply and wastewater treatment industries and improved monitoring and mitigation approaches for microbially caused problems. Research topics of special interest have included: biomining, waste and wastewater treatment and resource recovery, bioenergy, water recycling, deep biosphere microbiology, biofouling, bioclogging and biocorrosion.