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    Cecilia Alonso

    Universidad de la República, Uruguay

    Dr. Cecilia Alonso is Associate Professor at the Universidad de la República, Uruguay. There she leads a research group on Aquatic Microbial Ecology, working mainly in coastal systems. Her main line of research is to disentangle how bacterial community composition affects processes at the ecosystem scale (i.e. patterns of DOM degradation, bacterial biomass production and respiration), aiming to model, and ultimately predict the targeted processes. More recently, she has started a new line of applied research whose aim is to find bacterial indicators of environmental quality, focused on aquatic systems and working at basin scale, from headwaters to the sea. Both lines of research are sustained by the collaboration with national and international colleagues from a variety of disciplines. Other areas of her academic interests include undergraduate and postgraduate training, and building of international collaborative academic networks. She is member of the ISME International Board, and Co-coordinator of the Latin American Collaborative Network for Aquatic Microbial Ecology.