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    François-Yves Bouget

    CNRS. Laboratory of Microbial Oceanography (LOMIC). Sorbonne Université, Francia

    After an initial training in biochemical engineering (Institute national of Applied Sciences, Toulouse, France), François-Yves obtained a PhD in marine biology from University of North Carolina (US) and University of Rennes (France). One of his major achievement was to develop microalgal model organisms to address not only biological but also ecological questions. Early in the 2000s, his group developed genetic transformation of the mamiellophyceae Ostreococcus tauri. Combining these tools with mathematical modeling he extensively characterized circadian rhythms in O. tauri and promoted this microalga as a new model organism. In the early 2010s, Dr. Bouget was involved in the creation of the Laboratory of Microbial Oceanography (Banyuls sur Mer, France) which gathers biologists, ecologists and oceanographers.  One of his actual research interests is to understand   how biotic and abiotic factors interact to regulate seasonal phytoplanktonic blooms dominated by Mamiellophyceae such as Bathycoccus prasinos in Banyuls, in winter. To tackle this question he combines both field studies, metabarcoding approaches and physiological studies on isolated consortia or strains including genetically engineered microalgae.