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    Miguel Martínez

    Universidad de Concepción, Chile

    Miguel Martínez Poblete Biology graduate, Master`s Degree in Microbiology and Doctor in Environmental Sciences, Full Professor at the Department of Microbiology (Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Concepción). Professor of Microbiology courses for undergraduate students. Thesis tutor of numerous undergraduate students in the area of Biology (Biologists, Bioengineers, Biochemists, Engineer in Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture) mainly in studies on the involvement of bacteria in bioremediation of toxic compounds. Professor of Microbiology and tutor of several Thesis at the master’s degree in Microbiology program, Doctorate in Microbiology program, Doctorate in Biological Sciences program and Doctorate in Environmental Sciences program. Principal investigator or Co-investigator of national and international Grants. Corresponding author and co-author of numerous publications in scientific journals on the areas of bio-remediation, bacterial production of polymers, bacterial survival and metabolic dormancy. Director of a scientific expedition at the Antarctic (O`Higgins base, Antarctic peninsula) during 2008. Appointed as Visiting Professor by their Academic Senate of the University of Messina (Italy), lecturing for undergraduate and graduate students in 2016 and 2018