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    Osvaldo Ulloa

    Universidad de Concepción

    Osvaldo Ulloa received his master’s and his PhD degrees from Dalhousie University, Canada, working in phytoplankton ecology and marine bio-optics, respectively. His postdoctorate work was carried out at the Niels Böhr Institute of the University of Copengague, where he worked in the carbon cycle.

    After returning to Chile Dr. Ulloao joined the University of Concepcion, where he is currently a full Professor at the Department of Oceanography. He has trained undergraduate and graduate students in marine biology and oceanography. He has received several postdoctoral fellows, from Chile and abroad, in his lab. For over a decade, he has been one of the organizers and co-directors of the international course “Ecology and Diversity of Marine Microorganisms (ECODIM)” which has proven to be fundamental in the creation of a new generation of marine microbial ecologists in Latin America.

    His most relevant scientific contributions have been in the area of biological oceanography, particularly in the study of the factors that determine the distribution patterns of phytoplankton and the microbial diversity and biogeochemistry of oxygen deficient marine environments.

    Dr. Ulloa’s research focus at the Millennium Institute of Oceanography are microbial communities, including their diversity, their role in biogeochemical cycles and their genomic adaptations to oxygen deficiency and to depth.