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    Scientific Program

    1st. ISME-LATIN AMERICA CONGRESS Technical University Federico Santa Maria Valparaiso, Chile 11 - 13 September 2019

    The Organizing Committe of the 1st. ISME-Latin America Congress invites the scientific community to register by creating an account and submit your abstracts to one of the following sections that conform the Scientific Program of the event:

    1. Climate change and microbiology

    2. Microbiology of extreme environments

    3. Bioactive compounds and bioprospection

    4. Marine Microbiology

    5. Human Microbiome

    6. Plant microbe interactions

    7. Fungal-bacterial interactions

    8. Soil microbial ecology

    9. Global biogeochemical cycling

    10. Microbes and mining

    11. Phage/Virus ecology and eukaryotic viruses

    12. Ecological principles in polluted environments

    13. Ecology and evolution of cross-kingdom networks

    14. Horizontal gene transfer and ecology of antibiotic resistance

    15. Education in microbial ecology

    16. Preservation of microbial habitats

    17. From stress to performance: environmental biotechnology

    18. Modelling microbial communities and functions

    19. Microbial interactions: from community to singles cell perspectives

    20. Symbiosis: from ecology and evolution to biotechnology

    21. Trait-based theory and its applications for microbial communities

    22. Synthetic microbiology: principles and engineering

    23. Experimental microbial ecology and evolution in a community context

    24. Uncultured taxa: from cataloguing to taxonomic classification

    25. New microbial metabolisms

    26. Predator prey interactions

    27. Visualization of microorganisms and their activity

    28. Biogeochemical cycling in freshwater systems

    29. Integrative meta’omics for exploring microbial community structure and function

    30. Managing microbial communities

    31. Subsurface microbial life

    32. Biodegradation and bioremediation

    33. Other